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We pride ourselves on the personal touch and believe in an open and transparent relationship with our clients. Aiming to provide the best solutions to help you reach your objectives.

We kick off all of our projects with a project launch meeting. Depending on locations and timing this will either happen face to face or via an online platform like Zoom.

In this meeting, we will ask you a series of questions to help us better understand your business, its objectives, and what we are looking to achieve for you.

Here you can see a full list of the types of questions we will ask here -  don’t worry, we don’t expect you to know the answer to all of these questions. Quite often these prompts help to focus the work being undertaken or allow us to work with you to find the answer.

This kickoff meeting is also your opportunity to let us know anything that you want us to know, anything at all to give us a better understanding of your business and its operations. Even if it is to let us know how cute your office dog is -  we definitely want to know that!

From this kickoff meeting, we will then hunker down and come up with a plan of action. This will give all parties involved a better idea of time frames, any details or information that we might need, and even suggestions of what could be added to the project spec for your project to further enhance or better future-proof the final piece.

We will have another meeting with you to showcase the plan of action, ensuring that everyone involved has a clear understanding of the proposed plan. Adjustments can be made as necessary, and then we are getting stuck in with the project.

The plan of action discussed will dictate how your project moves forward – every single one of our projects is different.

When we get close to the project going live we will provide you full access to your new website, CRM, or business system in a test environment. This allows for the final testing to be done by yourself and by Nachos.

Once you are happy, we will put the project live in the best way possible, and then you are off to a flying start.

After your project is live we are still on your team. We are happy to host all of our projects and can offer website support on either a monthly, annual or on an ad-hoc basis.

We can also offer a wide range of online marketing services including SEO, content marketing, and social media management. Whether that be on a purely strategic level, all the way through to taking care of that whole part of your business for you.

To work with us, simply get in touch with us today!

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