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First impressions count, fact.

Even Google, one of the world's largest search engines, has reported that people form their first impression of your website within 0.50 millseconds. This decision as to whether they like it or not can determine whether they stay on your website or whether they click back to search results and look elsewhere.

Spending time planning your website structure, the website branding, and the design of each page on the website, can help improve your chances at forming a good first impression in those all important 0.50 milliseconds of your users visit to your website.

It is therefore extremely important to consider your website design and get it right the first time. Presenting and communicating the right message to encourage visitors to stay and convert.

Digital Nachos has designed many successful websites and ecommerce stores over the years. We fully realise the importance of design and the functionality that it needs to allow to provide a good user experience for all visitors to the website.

You can see examples of our website design work in our Portfolio.

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