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Elizabeth Cowie, an editor of the m/f journal approached us looking for a way to get the m/f feminist journal online to ensure that its content could be accessed by individuals and academics alike.

m/f journal is a self-published feminist journal that ran between 1978 and 1986, its aim was to act as a forum to discuss the development of theoretical ideas within the Women’s Movement.

After discussing the needs and wants for the website with Elizabeth Cowie we worked with The Kiln Creatives to generate a design that was loyal to the original design of the journal back in the 70s and 80s whilst being modern. The Kiln Creatives did a fantastic job and the design allowed for the various development features that were requested.

It was key for this website to highlight the journal and allow for immediate access to each edition that was published. All journals with their original covers are shown on the website but to ensure that individuals knew which edition they were selecting we introduced the spin feature so that the journal label was highlighted to the individual. You can see this spin feature for yourself by hovering over any of the journals on the website.

The client, Elizabeth Cowie, was very pleased with the website that we produced. Below is the feedback that she provided when we completed the work.

James and his web designer were a delight to work with. James answered my many queries promptly and sorted out the problems I raised quickly, even where it meant trying new ways to achieve what I wanted. The site looks brilliant and has already been widely praised for its great style and ease of access. THANK YOU. Oh, And I learned a lot in the process! 

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