As we head towards the main Christmas shopping period, and the weather starts to drop, its only natural that we wrap up and power on through.

Wrapping up your online presence as well will help keep it going through the winter season. Simple touches may be all that’s needed to ensure that it stays toasty warm and able to work hard for you and your business.

By this point you're most likely wondering what on earth we mean by ‘wrapping up your online presence’. Don’t worry, as always, we have a checklist for you below.

How to Wrap up your Online Presence

No. 1: Check Everything

Run through your website and all of your social media platforms with a fresh pair of eyes. Pour yourselves a drink, grab some nachos and open each one up one by one.

Make a note of your immediate impressions.

Is the imagery dated? Do any banner images, graphics or main pieces of text grab your attention and show case your offering in the way that you want it to be viewed?

If there are elements that you know can be better then make a note of these elements and set yourself a realistic task for improving them.

No 2: Consider How your customers contact you

If you have a contact form on your website, then check it to ensure that it is working.

If you are using an open source content management system such as WordPress you will be surprised to hear just how often they slip off the page, through a human error or due to the plugin needing to be updated.

Whilst looking at your contact form, think about whether the information requested within the form is appropriate. Striking that balance between gathering the information that you need to assist them whilst keep the form sleek and simple to use. No one wants to see a 30 field long form when they wish to enquire about a product or seek assistance with a purchase.

Of course, you should ensure that any contact details provided on your website - such as phone numbers and email addresses - are correct and operational. Consider providing all of your details in a consistent format to help make it easier for your user. For example, ensure that your phone number is always broken down in the same format such as ‘01234 567 890’.

If your customers are likely to contact you via your social media channels (the answer to this should always be yes) then ensure that you have notifications turned on so you know when people have posted a query on your feed or direct messaged you.

Don’t forget, there are tools on platforms such as Facebook that can auto-respond to set questions that people may ask such as ‘When are you open?’, ‘Do you sell X?’. Introducing this kind of tool will help you manage any communication during your busy periods.

Make your Business Christmassy

Signal to your website and social channel visitors that they have come to the right place this Christmas by making your website and social channels Christmassy.

This can be done through Christmas banner images, festive graphics and seasonal fonts. It’s a good idea to slowly introduce these elements to your website gradually ready for the full transformation after Halloween/Bonfire Night.

And of course, don’t forget your Christmas Marketing Plans!

If you haven’t already, check out our blog post on the Christmas countdown.

It will ensure that you have considered every possibility to provide your business with the best Christmas sales ever, whilst keeping your sanity.

Should you need any assistance in the run up to Christmas, then consider Digital Nachos as your Christmas elves!

Published: 26th Sep 2019

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