Blogs and articles on websites are a very popular feature. Many people have the functionality on their website but they don’t always make good use of them.

This is a huge shame as there are a number of benefits from having regular blogs and articles on websites.

To help fly the flag for blogs and articles, Nachos have collated just a few of the benefits that blogs and articles can offer your website and your business. All in the hope of encouraging better use of this website feature ongoing.

Benefit No. 1: They Help Drive Traffic to your Website

The first benefit of blogs and articles, and arguably the main reason why you should be posting blogs and articles on your website, is the simple fact that they help drive traffic to your website.

If a person already knows your URL and what you offer, that’s great. But for those that have yet to find you, they are more likely to search for keywords relevant to you and then click on a page that is relevant to that keyword.

Should you have a blog that is relevant to their keyword, and enticing meta information for said blog showing on their search results, then they are likely to find your blog and therefore find you!

For those of you that I have lost due to mentioning ‘meta information’ above, check out our blog on meta information here.

This kind of traffic is free! Yes, free!

No ads, no forced email campaigns, just a simple search that presented them with your highly relevant blog post and made them land on your website.

From your blog post you can then entice them to other blog posts, products/services sold and your website in general.

If this benefit alone hasn’t convinced you to post blogs and articles on your website, then read on.

Benefit No. 2: They Provide you with Content

Well, duh you may say. But let’s take this back a step further.

Most business have social media channels and either don’t use it because they don’t know what to post, or they have one and they struggle to have content to post.

If you have blogs and articles on your website, then you build yourself a bank of content ready to be posted on your social media feeds.

This type of content makes a change from the direct buy, buy, buy, social postings and are more likely to be of interest to your customers and potential customers. They are seen as gentler and in-direct sale postings which is generally more appealling to many.

Still need convincing? Read on.

Benefit No. 3: They Help to Establish your Authority and Promotes Trust

The internet can often be a soulless place and it has enough bad apples on it to make people wary about who they buy from.

Whilst website authority is seen as a fluffy metric with no specific data tied to it, it is certainly a powerful metric and cannot be ignored.

This is where a blog/article section of your website can help you stand out as a trustworthy and reputable company.

Creating and posting regular blog posts and articles about common questions, popular products and information of interest to your target customer can help add some depth to your website. It can also help to convey positive messages and tones to your website visitors.

If a website visitor finds the answer to their question in your blogs/articles they are more likely to enter into the sales process. These people are also more likely to be educated on your products and set up, making the sale process easier for you.

Not quite convinced? Keep going.

Benefit No. 4: The Ongoing Power of a Blog or Article

Let’s imagine that you have taken out a radio advert for your business and its product/service. It runs for 4 weeks and gains X amount of sales. Fantastic.

However, once that radio ad is finished your sales from that advert end. Yes, there is the argument for brand awareness and this generating sales at a later date, but generally speaking direct sales from that ad will stop.

With a blog or article, they help drive traffic and sales indefinitely. Once that blog/article is on your website it is there for the life of your website. Always sitting in those search results for relevant keywords and therefore always generating interest and leads.

Whilst it may take you an hour to create the blog post and then a further hour to proof, get images for it and upload to your website. Those 2 hours of resources will be well invested due to the potential years of traffic that blog post can generate for you.

For blog posts to have longevity, they must be ‘evergreen’ blog posts – interesting blog posts that are well written and informative for your target audience.

Its this particular benefit of blog posts that helps to warrant the time and energy they can often take to create in the first place.

Are you Convinced?

Don’t think of the blog and/or article section of your website as a chore, think about the benefits that it can provide you and your business and give it the energy and resources that it deserves.

A little bit of planning, prep and organisation can see blog and articles written with ease and benefit your business both now and in the long run.

Published: 12th Oct 2018

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