Saying thank you is second nature when you are in front of your customer after they have brought something. However, you put a computer monitor between yourself and the customer and suddenly the simple statement no longer gets said.

To be clear, I am not talking about sending a standard ‘Thank you’ email with their order confirmation. I am actually talking about writing a thank you note to your client.

These thank you notes are gaining popularity amongst smaller businesses looking to stand out from the crowd. You will mainly come across these types of thank you notes if you buy from marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy and EBay, after all, their customers may not know who they are buying from on these platforms.

Smaller businesses have the capabilities to write a personalised thank you notes, something that faceless large firms with their regimented pick lists simply cannot do. If you are a smaller firm, then utilise these thank you notes as a way of standing out from the many.

The thank you notes do not need to say a lot, the key element of these thank you notes is that they are hand written.

Given how uncommon genuine gratitude is nowadays, when it does happen it makes an impact and builds a relationship with your customer.

Its no secret that thank you notes result in customer satisfaction which results in more return sales and even more revenue for your business.

An Additional Factor to Consider

Consider the PR benefits of these thank you notes – with the rise of social platforms people love to share their experiences online.

A quick check through Instagram shows a whole wealth of personalised thank you notes – which are all branded and positive messages about your company.

So, brush off your stationary and don’t forget to say THANK YOU!

Published: 17th Oct 2018

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