I think we can officially say that the start of 2021 has not been the start that we were hoping for. I think its also easy to say that we are not refreshed nor refocused for the year ahead. However, let's take things one thing at a time and prepare our selves for the rest of 2021.

If you can grab 20 minutes then sit down somewhere quiet with a notepad and pen, open up your website and social media channels on your screen and take a look at what you have on offer.

Ask yourself questions, they can include:

  • Is my website/social media channels showing my up to date contact info?
  • Is my website/social media channels up to date in terms of the products/services/imagery? Make sure you remove those Christmas themed banners.
  • Can I easily navigate to my key products/services?

If the answers to the above are ‘No’ then think about what is needed to change these to a ‘Yes’. Set tasks, set a deadline for the task to be completed, and then move on.

Then think to yourself – ‘What is Missing?’. Perhaps there are changes to your operations due to Covid/the current lockdown that you need to include. Perhaps there are features that you can add such as a live chat that could improve your website. Perhaps you haven’t posted on social channels recently and need to get back to it.

Write down these missing elements and put a plan of action in place as to how you are going to implement them. Some might be quick fixes, others may need input from others.

Once you have done this, pat yourself on your back and go and have a cup of tea (and perhaps a biscuit or two).

Little steps will keep you going through the January blues and give you a great starting point when Spring comes and we are all a little more active.

Published: 11th Jan 2021

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