Today is National Nachos Day!!! A day that is on the same level as Christmas day for the team here at Digital Nachos.

To celebrate this year we served ourselves a HUGE plate of Nachos!!! After all, is there any other way we could have celebrated??

This year we selected a recipe from The Nachos Manifesto by Jack Campbell – the ‘Meatball Nachos with Cheese sauce’ recipe. It is the first recipe we have done from this book and we were certainly not disappointed.

The recipe was easy enough to follow although if we did do it again we would make the meatballs last to ensure that they stayed warm enough for when the dish is served.

We didn’t add the hot sauce as the recipe stated, but that’s mainly because we are still scarred from the last Nachos recipe we made where the chill was a tad much for us.

It all came together really well and I can see the meatballs tasting really good if used in a traditional meatball and spaghetti recipe. The ‘Pico de Gallo’ (salsa that went on top) was delicious and would most like make a good side for burgers, couscous and perhaps even picnic-like meals.

Would we do it again? Yes, most definitely. And we are looking forward to trying out other recipes from this book.

Happy National Nachos Day!!!


This book was purchased by us, not gifted. Just sharing the love for any other Nacho enthusiasts out there.

Published: 6th Nov 2020

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