Its coming to the end of August, September is just around the corner, where has this year gone?

However, don’t make the mistake of dismissing the winter and the upcoming winter celebrations such as Christmas and leaving them to deal with at a later date. Start your planning now to ensure you make Christmas 2019 a Christmas to remember.

Grab a pen, paper and a calendar, and sit down to start planning the countdown now.

To help make this stage easier for you we have prepared a checklist for you to work your way through.

The Nachos Christmas Countdown Checklist

Checkpoint 1: Check your current situation

Consider where your business is in terms of resources and capabilities.

  • Do you have the right stock for Christmas sales?
  • Do you have enough of this right stock based on previous sales and your targets for this Christmas?
  • Do you have the time scheduled in for any Christmas promotions?
  • Is your website and other online presences such as social media accounts set up and fully functional?

If the answer to these types of questions are no, or even a maybe, then set a task to resolve these questions so every single one is an easy YES!

Checkpoint 2: Check your external influences

Consider any external elements of your business which might help or hinder you this Christmas. They include:

  • When is the last Christmas posting date for the postal service that you currently use?
  • Is there any wiggle room for this last posting date before Christmas with any other postal service? And if so, are there any cost implications which may have to be passed on to the customer for this service?
  • Are you going to need to re-stock closer to Christmas? Are your suppliers restricted to any last posting dates? If so, then make a note of these dates in your calendar and set an alert.

As above. If any of these types of questions are answered with a no, maybe or could be, then take the time now to answer each of these with a celebratory YES!

Checkpoint 3: Look forward to the Run up to Christmas and Christmas itself

It’s very easy when you run your own business to have such an intense focus on a particular event that you loose sight of enjoying the moment.

If you have any working restrictions which might hinder your time or resources over the Christmas period, then ensure that you have these noted in your diary. Doing so showcases where your time is going to be focused and allows you to plan ahead.

Should you see any moments when you are going to be unable to process orders, respond to queries or manage the day to day running of your social media accounts then ensure that you take the time now to pre-prepare for those moments, or seek an extra pair of hands for the winter holiday period.  

This careful planning will help you face the Christmas period with a clear head and the knowledge that you are prepared for anything.

Don't forget, should you need an  extra pair of hands in the run up to Christmas then get in touch and speak to the team here at Digital Nachos. We can be your Christmas elves to keep you and your business going throughout Christmas.

Published: 30th Aug 2019

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