Online shopping is at an all-time high, and whilst there is expected to be a burst of high street shopping in the not too distant future (we hope), it is clear to all that online shopping is doing to continue to be the champion.

Social media has become increasingly influential over people’s shopping habits. It’s a combination of word of mouth marketing, online reviews which generally have a high conversion rate, and the fact that individuals have actively opted in to hear about a company’s products/services on their own terms.

The use of social media channels like Instagram and Facebook allow every company to aim for the same reach, whether they are a small business or a large multinational.  It's easy to fake it until you make it with clever images and graphics uploaded to these social media channels, giving the illusion that you are a large company even if you are operating out of your shed.

An ever-growing social media platform, especially with the younger generation, is Instagram. If you are a regular user of Instagram then you would have noticed that with their latest app update there is now a shopping tab. This is the next step in Instagram grasping hold of the influence the platform has over our purchases.

Whilst there were a few complaints when it was introduced, by now, users have largely gotten used to this new format. If you are an eCommerce store then you should look at setting up your Instagram shop.

How Do I set up my Instagram shop?

At the time of this article, Instagram had the following requirements before you can set up an Instagram shop. They are…

  • To have a business Instagram profile
  • To have a fan page on Facebook
  • To have created at least 9 shopping publications
  • To have the latest version of the Instagram app on your device
  • To be selling physical products from your website (this will not work on services)
  • And to have your Instagram profile connected to your Facebook catalogue

If you meet these requirements then you can activate the Instagram shop for your business Instagram page by going to your Instagram settings and clicking on ‘Shopping’ and then ‘Product Catalog’.

Once it's set up you will need to upload images and tag your products accordingly.

The Advantages of Instagram Shopping

The most impressive thing about Instagram’s new shopping feature is now user friendly it is for users – individuals simply click on the image within your post and it will present them with a ‘Tap to view product’ option where they are taken directly to a pop-up window with the option to buy.

Equally a ‘Shop Now’ banner appears below the post with the shop product in it which will enable the user to head straight to your website. There is no need to include links in your Instagram bio which was limited.

And the final element that makes Instagram shopping so perfect for eCommerce stores – it is a free revenue stream like SEO but without as much effort being required. As the individuals are already interested in your products as they follow you on Instagram, they are more likely to convert to your shopping posts.

If you are looking to increase sales online then check out Instagram shopping and make the most of it.

Published: 23rd Feb 2021

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