You may be familiar with seeing http:// at the start of your website URLs. This HTTP, known as Hypertext Transfer Protocol, is the foundation of all communication online.

Over the last year or two you may also be familiar with seeing https:// at the start of your URLs. This is the secure version of the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, aka. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.

But just what is the difference?

The main difference between the HTTP and the HTTPS is that with the HTTPS in your domain all of the communication between your website visitors’ browsers and your website is encrypted. This means that all information shared is scrambled in code ensuring that no one can read them in between, keeping the information safe from hackers.

All websites can be changed from HTTP to HTTPS via the use of an SSL Certificate which enables a security key to be added to a website so that the information shared to and from to is encrypted.

Should my Website be HTTP or HTTPS?

With a rise in cybercrime it is recommended that all ecommerce stores should have an SSL Certificate. This ensures that customers are able to insert their payment details in a secure manner.

It is also advised that any non-ecommerce website that collects data, such as email newsletter sign ups or contact forms, also have an SSL Certificate on their site. After all, email addresses can be hacked and used in scam emails.

Other than the security benefits of having an SSL certificate on your website, changing to HTTPS can also help your online marketing.

This time last year, 30% of listings on the first page of Google were https:// domains. Now this figure has rocketed with 50% of listings on the first page of Google being https:// domains.

The number of https domains on the first page of Google is only going to increase. It is not a surprise that search engine giants like Google are promoting secure websites higher in their search results, after all people are more likely to want to view and use secure websites over unsecure ones.

Whilst Google has never confirmed this preference for https:// websites, but then again there is very little they have ever confirmed, there is an overwhelming amount of data showing a preference for https:// in search results.

Do you want to make your Website more Secure?

If you would like to implement an SSL Certificate on your site to make your website more secure for your users, then get in touch with Digital Nachos today.

We can take you through the process with ease, ensuring that your website URLs are fully changed from the non-secure http, to the secure https.

Published: 18th Sep 2017

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