Something fun for you to do on a Tuesday, create your Facebook avatar.

If you haven’t seen them yet then you may start noticing them as their use on Facebook increases.

How to Create your Facebook Avatar

To find the avatar option within Facebook, tap on ‘See More and Avatars’ under the menu on Facebook.

Here you will be taken through and step by step process and creating your avatar, with options from skin tones, hairstyles and outfit choices.

Once you are done tap on the ‘Checkmark’ icon to save your avatar. Once you have created it then you can use it on Facebook.

How to Use your Avatar

Once you have created your avatar you will be able to see three icons on the top right-hand side of your screen. Tap on the sticker icon and you will see all of your custom avatar stickers ready for you to use.

To send these avatar stickers simply tap on your favourite and then tap on ‘Send in Messenger’ or ‘More Options’. If you tap on ‘More Options’ then you will be able to share your avatar via other options such as email and directly onto your Facebook feed.

You can also use your newly created avatar as your Facebook profile picture. If you would like to do this then bring up your avatar (go to menu, then ‘See more’ and then ‘Avatars’) and in the top right-hand corner of the menu you can tap on the arrow icon which presents you with a menu with one option being ‘Set as profile picture’. Select this option, select the pose you want to use with your avatar and then tap on ‘Next’. You can then either tap on the ‘Save’ option or select ‘7 days’ if you only want to temporarily change your current profile picture to this avatar.

Can I edit my Avatar?


To do this, bring up your Avatar (go to menu, then ‘See more’ and then ‘Avatars’) and click on the pencil icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Make any changes you want to make and then click on save.

Why is this a Thing now?

Facebook has introduced avatars as a bit of fun for Facebook users. It allows them to show their personality and customise their Facebook responses.

If you don’t want an avatar then you don’t need to create one, just let the option pass you by and continue with your life none the wiser.

Published: 2nd Mar 2021

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