A lot of energy is spent drawing visitors to your website, keeping them on your website and converting them into paying customers.

Whilst this action is necessary to ensure the success of your online shop and brand, thought also needs to be given to how you communicate and interact with your new customers post purchase.

After all, it is easier, cheaper and more beneficial to retain customers than it is to keep seeking out new ones.

One key way to ensure that you look after your customers post order, and keep them coming back to you, is to offer great customer service and assistance to your hard won customers.

The Standards

Thanks to companies such as Amazon, ASOS and John Lewis, the bar for online service has been set extremely high.

Whilst these companies all have large budgets, the principles behind the level of service now expected can be achieved by even the simplest of set ups. Luckily for you, Digital Nachos is going to let you know how.

Provide Delivery Options

People like choice, so offering more than one delivery option gives them control over their order with you.

Whilst its important to keep these delivery costs simple and clear, offering next day delivery along side standard delivery might well be the element that sets your ecommerce store and product apart from a competitors offerings.

Having multiple delivery options on your website is a simple change to your checkout process. Most good ecommerce platforms will allow you to set up these various delivery options with ease.

Make your Online Service part of your USP

People like assurance and trust, making your superb handling of any lost or damaged goods part of your unique selling point will help set your brand apart from your competitors.

Don’t wait until you have resolved the issue with your delivery partner, apologise for the delay and seek to resolve the issue with your customer.

Consider personal touches such as a handwritten apology note. Perhaps even a discount code for that matching accessory to complete their outfit for example.

Resolving any issues promptly and with a human touch will help draw those customers back.

These positive interactions will also ensure positive reviews on your website and reviewing platforms – leaving your business looking good.

Inform your Customers

People like information, so don’t hold back.

Sending your customer an email when their product has been shipped, perhaps even offering a tracking link if its available, helps give your customer the reassurance that you are fulfilling their order.

If there has been a delay, then let them know. Don’t wait for the phone call or emails from your customer to spur you into action.

The easiest way to keep your customers up to date is with the use of automation.

Most good ecommerce platforms can send out emails with shipping information in it to your customers, these emails must contain the correct information personalised to your customer and their order.

Most ecommerce platform can also help you out further by printing out shipping labels at the click of a button and even allowing for updates to be sent out if needed – if bad weather has implications on the delivery time for example.

If you already send out these automated emails, then take the time to ensure that the email sent reflects your brand and company image. Ensuring that it does not look like a spammy email and is clearly informative without drowning them in information.

Spoil your Customers

People like to be loved and valued.

Send out their order with care and love – instead of a brown box, why not wrap your product in stylish tissue paper or even colourful ribbon.

This will make your product stand out and be that extra special treat for them.

Last but not Least

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

Go through your whole online process, from purchasing to the delivery of your products and even the after sales help, and pin point the possible fault points.

With those fault points in mind, think about what could be done to remove them or reduce the likelihood of them happening. Perhaps by introducing automation to your after sales process, or even by improving your communication with your customers.

Comparing your process with your competitors, and perhaps even the ecommerce giants as well, will help you pin point improvements that can be made.

If you want help with improving your post sales process to benefit your customers, your brand and your company, then simply get in touch with us today.

Published: 3rd Apr 2018

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