Google announced a while ago that they were switching to solely mobile-first indexing, this means that it is now down to how your website performs on mobiles to improve its position in the rankings.

Originally this was announced back in May 2019 – you can read our original blog post regarding this here ‘New Websites to be Indexed by Google Mobile First’.

Then in April this year, Google announced that they were going to bring this in for September, you can read our original blog post on this implementation here ‘Mobile-First indexing by September 2020’.

And now, thanks to Covid-19, Google has announced that they are postponing this implementation to March 2021.

This is simply to help those that need more time to make their website mobile-friendly to do so.

Does this mean you should become complacence? No, of course not. You should keep focused and ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

If you aren’t sure if your website is mobile-friendly then simply get in touch with the team today and we can advise.

Published: 3rd Aug 2020

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