Typography is something that we all see in our day to day lives.

It has the ability to make us buy something, avoid something, or even generate real feelings for the subject in question.

Most of the time this typography is done beautifully. Unfortunately, there are a number of occasions where it completely misses the desired intention.

The use of incorrect typography is a huge problem for businesses, a mistake that is often made unknowingly. A frightening thought.

So, what is Typography?

Typography is the art of arranging text in a way that makes the text legible, readable and appealing to the reader.

It’s achieved through correct fonts, point sizes, line lengths, line spacing and contrast between the text and the background.

Every magazine that you read, poster that you see and label that adorns your latest purchase is a result of well thought out typography by the producer.


As mentioned above, the typography communicates what you want to say. In most cases, more so than the actual words themselves.

For example, the words ‘Buy Now’ can be made into an urgent message, a soft reminder, and anything in between based on the typography used.

Why should this matter to me?

Typography should be at the forefront of every piece of content produced by your business. It helps your customers absorb the information that you are trying to communicate, making the difference between a sale and a customer who loses interest.

Whether you are producing a sales brochure, a social media graphic or a sign for use on your trade stand. Ensure that you play around with the typography to get the right fit for your content.

It's key to avoid the overuse of typography though. Its recommend that you use no more than two types of signals or cues at the same time.

For example, if you had the text ‘Buy Now,’ it's ok to use a bold and underlined font.

Buy Now

But it is overkill to use bold, underlined AND italic font in your content.

Buy Now

Overuse of these signals is likely to send your audience running for the hills, or misinterpreting your intended message.

Consider it with your Design

Typography should not be an afterthought, considering your typography should be an act undertaken when you create your brand.

Look at your company branding and consider which font type fits best with your brand. Consider the style of headings that you will use in your marketing material and on your website. Go through the various types of headings to ensure that you have a main heading, subheadings and sub subheadings. These are often referred to as ‘Heading 1’, ‘Heading 2’, ‘Heading 3’ and so on.

Ensuring that you have set typography to use with any content or graphics produce will help unify your marketing efforts, create a strong brand and deliver a clear message to your audience.

If you are looking at creating a brand or re-branding your current business efforts, then contact the team here at Digital Nachos today to discuss your typography. We can turn it from frightening to beautiful.

Published: 18th Oct 2019

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