We have all been swamped lately by emails from a variety of companies. These emails are letting us know whether the company is still operating in this current climate and whether there are any changes from our usual interaction with them.

All very useful and can often be reassuring.

An example of these emails is the one below from John Lewis.

Source: John Lewis & Partners Email

The positive message of the email lets its customers know that John Lewis is there for us and his employees in these difficult times. A touch of human honesty in these troubling times.

At the same time, some companies are using these emails as a chance to inject some humour. An example of this is from Foo Fighters.

Source: Foo Fighters Email Blast

An honest email which lets their customers/fans know of what is happening. Whilst showcasing humour with the ‘Now go wash your hands’ message that they sign off with.

Let us know if you have seen any further humorous emails from companies.

Now, from the team here at Digital Nachos. Go and wash your hands!

Stay at home and stay safe.


All comments regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19) and restrictions on business operating in the UK are correct at the time the blog was posted. Please refer to current restrictions in your area to guide you in your response to Coronavirus.

Published: 9th Apr 2020

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