Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now over for the year.

Some will be pleased to see the back of it, whilst others want it all year round to make the most of the deals.

But just how did Black Friday and Cyber Monday fare this year?

According to, John Lewis recorded that its sales were up by 9.5% during the 10 days surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year. That is a record high for them.

Interestingly, John Lewis reported that they had a 43% increase in purchases via the John Lewis app.

Other high street retailers, those with brick and mortar stores, reported a 3.1% increase in footfall. This was welcomed after a few years of stagnant or declining footfall numbers.

According to, online sales over this period grew by 16.4% year on year. That’s the highest growth since April 2018.

It certainly did help that this year Black Friday fell on the typical payday for many shoppers. This was the last payday before Christmas and therefore would have been a popular shopping day for many, even without Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

How to Get Ahead for Black Friday 2020

As 2019 was a strong year for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, how do retailers get ahead for 2020?

Naturally, the best way to get ahead for Black Friday 2020 is to work on your online offering.

Your website will be your main channel for any Black Friday sales and promotions, it will allow you to display your Black Friday offerings, and connect with any brick and mortar stores, social media channels and even print adverts.

A focus on your website and its usability will help to ensure that the site works well for you and your customers. Ensure that you have the ability to quickly change banners and introduce promotions amongst other elements.

Improving your website will give you the chance to refresh any branding, imagery and videos currently used. Making them look better and communicate your message to your customers in a clearer manner.

If you are looking to get ahead for Black Friday 2020 and the festive season that follows, contact the team here at Digital Nachos to see how we can assist.

Published: 6th Dec 2019

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